Our attention focuses on the details, using excellent quality raw materials.

FNC offers Italian luxury at an affordable price.


    Welcome to the world of FNC Sartoria: the exclusive service with which you can create unique garments, in a harmonious ritual between needs and desires.

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    A selection of versatile men's clothing, designed in FNC's iconic style. A unique style suitable for any occasion.

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    Discover our exclusive t-shirts online and be inspired by the graphics hand-printed by our expert artisans.

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Francesco Lisco

Founder and Creative Director, FNC Collezioni.

Francesco Lisco, an Italian national, is the visionary mind behind FNC. He has forged collaborations with prestigious luxury fashion companies in Italy to bring to life FNC, a rising brand that is experiencing rapid growth in America and Europe. In addition, he has worked dressing various Hollywood celebrities and renowned soccer players, which has contributed to consolidating FNC as a prestigious fashion brand worldwide.